Examples of structures and facilities that are protected from corrosion by the application of cathodic protection:


The protection of all buried and offshore pipelines from corrosion, and control of stray current corrosion caused by dc transit systems.

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Above and below ground Storage Tanks
    The protection of the underside of tank base plates on surface tanks or the entire shell of totally buried tanks. The internals of tanks/vessels can also be similarly protected.  
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Marine and Offshore structures
    The corrosive conditions of seawater are well understood and it is possible to protect platforms, sub sea installations, sea walls, etc., from corrosion.  
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Ports, Jetties and Harbour Structures

The protection of tubular and sheet steel piles, dock gates and reinforced concrete


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Reinforced Concrete

Corrosion protection can be applied to bridges, tunnels, foundations, buildings, ports and harbours, relieving decks, culverts, columns and beams.

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Ships and floating fixed or mobile vessel

Protection can be applied to internal or external surfaces where there is contact with water or moist ground.

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