The Practical Advisory and Consultancy Services provided by ARK Corrosion Services are:

  • Independent advice

  • Designs

  • Specifications

  • Performance reviews

  • Operation & monitoring advice

  • Training courses

  Independent advice
    Advice on all aspects of cathodic protection and corrosion monitoring as identified below for Reinforced Concrete structures, Marine and Offshore facilities, Storage Tanks and Pipelines.
    Cathodic protection design carried out in accordance with national and industry recommended practices, but specifically tailored to the requirements of the client.
    Provision of performance specifications for all types of cathodic protection systems - both impressed current and sacrificial anode cathodic protection systems. In addition, technical specifications, material and installation specifications can be provided.
  Performance reviews
    Review the status and adequacy of practical performance of cathodic protection systems. Review of designs and recommendations as submitted by manufacturers, suppliers, and other third parties, to ensure the suitability for client requirements.
  Operation & monitoring advice
    Totally independent advice on the operational status and the need for, or review of, monitoring data that is required to ensure the effective and continued operation of cathodic protection systems.
  Training courses
    Corrosion awareness and cathodic protection seminars and training courses. Each course is individually tailored for the client's specific interests. Courses are focused on real life, practical aspects of cathodic protection. Informal discussions, questions and review of case histories are encouraged.